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Rapid and Additive Manufacturing

Also Known as 3D Printing

Additive Manufacturing

A new manufacturing process which builds on printer technology to develop a completely new manufacturing methodology aiding design prototyping and the manufacture of finished product.  The processes have evolved into 5 separate manufacturing processes.

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Rapid Plastic Prototyping or Stereolithography  (SLA)
  • A method of creating plastic prototypes from production using liquid UV curable resin ( Photopolymer) and UV laser to build up the prototype one layer at a time. Used for trade show models concepts models and master patterns
  • A method that injects photopolymer materials in ultrathin layers onto a tray and layer by layer builds a 3 dimensional parts until complete. Each layer is cured by UV light immediately after it is applied. This method is particularly great process for concept models of all types.
Laser Sintering  (SLS)
  • A rapid manufacturing process that uses a high powered laser to fuse small particles of powder to build layers. SLS is generally used for functional testing in low volume manufacturing runs.
Fused Deposition Modelling ( FDM)
  • This method uses a plastic filament of material supplied through an extrusion nozzle. The nozzle is heated to melt the material and can be moved in both vertical and horizontal directions. This process is used for functional testing and allows for volume manufacturing runs.
Urethane casting
  • This method is based on using a master pattern developed using SLA and moulding silicone around the master. After curing the mould is used to create a two part polyurethane material in the shape of the master. This process is used for pre production runs and low volume production runs.

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